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  • 001 SARAWAK
    Pua kumbu. Warp ikat. 1940-1950. Iban people, probably from the Baleh river, a tributary of the Batang Rajang.
  • 032 SARAWAK
    Pua kumbu. Warp ikat. 1925-1945. Saribas region.
  • 033 SARAWAK
    Pua kumbu. Warp ikat. 1880 to early 20th c. Saribas, most likely.
  • 034 SARAWAK
    Pua kumbu. Warp ikat. 1925-1950. Serawak, Iban Dayak (Saribas or Batang Baleh area?).
  • 035 SARAWAK
    Pua kumbu. Warp ikat. 1940. Saribas, Iban people.
  • 036 SARAWAK
    Pua kumbu. Warp ikat. 1930-1945. Dayak, Saribas Iban.
  • 037 SARAWAK
    Pua kumbu. Warp ikat. 1920-1930. Iban Dayak. Simanggang, old 2nd Division.
  • 038 SARAWAK
    Pua kumbu. Warp ikat. 1880-1920. Iban Dayak, Ngemah-Bangkit Rivers, Baleh, 7th (old 3rd) Division.
  • 039 SARAWAK
    Pua kumbu. Warp ikat. 1940-1950. Iban Dayak, Second Division.
  • 040 SARAWAK
    Pua kumbu. Warp ikat. 1940. Layar (probably), a tributary of the Saribas.
  • 041 SARAWAK
    Pua kumbu. Warp ikat. 1920. Iban Dayak, Second Division, probably Batang Lupar River.
  • 074 SARAWAK
    Pua kumbu. Warp ikat. Circa 1940. Iban Dayak, most likely from the Krian, a tributary of the Saratok neighbouring the Saribas.
  • 075 SARAWAK
    Pua kumbu. Warp ikat. 1935-1950. Iban Dayak people, probably from the Batang Ai. .
  • 123 SARAWAK
    Pua kumbu. Warp ikat. 1920-1940. Probably Batang Ai or Baleh river system.
  • 140 SARAWAK
    Pua kumbu. Warp ikat. 1950. Baleh river system, Iban people. .
  • 151 SARAWAK
    Pua (blanket). Warp ikat. Late 19th to early 20th c. Iban people, but probably not coastal, given the absence of pre-dyed commercial yarn in the borders.
  • 155 SARAWAK
    Pua kumbu. Warp ikat. 19th or very early 20th c. Possibly Batang Ai or Mujong River area.
  • 158 SARAWAK
    Pua kumbu. Warp ikat. 1920-1940
  • 202 SARAWAK
    Pua kumbu. Weft ikat. 1940-1950 (?). Katibas river and its tributaries, Sarawak's old 7th division.
  • 220 SARAWAK
    Kain kebat (skirt). Warp ikat. Early 20th c. Baleh river area.
  • 243 SARAWAK
    Kain kebat (skirt cloth). Warp ikat. 1920 of before. Baleh river or tributary, 3rd Division.

Sarawak - home of Iban and other fine weavers

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Sarawak, a Malaysian state, is the home of several Iban tribes. They produce ikat of very high quality, that has many admirers around the world. Please refer back to the Borneo page for more information.

In literature about Serawak ikat, especially older texts, one often finds sections of Serawak referred to by their old administrative labels: First, Second, Third and Fourth Division. As these are now hard to find on maps, this table may be helpful.

First Division Districts of the river Sarawak, Lundu and Sadong
Second Division Districts Batang Lupar, Saribas and Kelakah
Third Division Districts Rejang, Mukah, Oya and Bintulu
Fourth Division Districts Baram, Limbang, Trusan and Lawas



There are several excellent works on the ikat of Sarawak, mostly focused on the art of the Iban. The most quoted authors are Traude Gavin, Michael Heppell and Datin Amar Margaret Linggi who among them have provided us with a rich source of information on the ikat of Sarawak and their meaning. Another important source is Vernon Kedit, descendent of a famous line of Sarawak weavers - see Literature section.

Map of Sarawak

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The USA Army Corps of Engineers has an old geographical map of Sarawak showing the original divisions as established by the British colonial power.

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