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Ikat from Sarawak, Borneo, Indonesia

040 Borneo, Sarawak

Pua kumbu  magnifiermicroscope

Origin: Borneo, Sarawak
Locale: Layar (probably), a tributary of the Saribas.
Period: 1940
Yarn: Cotton, hand-spun, medium
Technique: Warp ikat
Panels: 2
Size: 105 x 205 cm (3' 5" x 6' 8")
Design: The Tangkai Betali ropes stretched out to catch the enemy. The Iban mindset sees a snare laid out that traps the enemy. Such ropes were often laid out across a river under water and raised at the opportune moment to capsize boats. Borders in yellow, red, white and black toko yarn.
Comment: Beautiful Iban pua, highly decorative. Excellent dying and weaving, showing great mastery. The use of coloured imported yarn in the lateral borders, bought from Chinese traders, is a show of wealth.
Background: Additional information in chapters on Borneo and Sarawak.
Compare: 041 039
Literature: Layar pua in similar style in Heppell c.s., Iban Art, Fig. 97, Similar pua in Gittinger, Splendid Symbols, Fig. 166, Khan Majlis, Indonesische Textilien, Wege zu Goettern und Ahnen, Fig. 679. Note on design by Vernon Kedit.
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