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  • 079 TANIMBAR
    Tais (sarong). Warp ikat. 1940. Specific island in the archipelago as yet unidentified, but probably Yamdena.
  • 080 TANIMBAR
    Tais (sarong). Warp ikat. 1920-1940. Specific island in the archipelago as yet unidentified, but probably Fordata. .
  • 165 TANIMBAR
    Tais (sarong). Weft ikat. Circa 1950. Yamdena, probably. .
  • 173 TANIMBAR
    Tais (sarong). Warp ikat. 1950 or before. Yamdena, most likely. .
  • 204 TANIMBAR
    Shoulder cloth. Warp ikat. First quarter 20th c. Sermata island, probably.
  • 261 TANIMBAR
    Bakan (sarong). Warp ikat. Circa 1900. Possibly Awaer on Fordata. .
  • 262 TANIMBAR
    Tais (sarong). Warp ikat. Early 20th c. Yamdena (?).
  • 263 TANIMBAR
    Bakan (sarong). Warp ikat. Circa 1950. As yet unidentified.
  • 264 TANIMBAR
    Bakan (sarong, cloth for). Warp ikat. 1950 or before. Probably from Sera or Larat.
  • 265 TANIMBAR
    Chest or turban cloth. Warp ikat. 1950 or before. Unidentified.
  • 266 TANIMBAR
    Chest or turban cloth. Warp ikat. Circa 1950 . Unidentified.
  • 267 TANIMBAR
    Tais (sarong). Warp ikat, discontinuous supplementary weft and nassa shell appliqué . 19th c. Seremata (Sermata), not to be confused with island of the same name.
  • 269 TANIMBAR
    Chest or turban cloth. Warp ikat. Early 20th c. As yet unidentified.
  • 270 TANIMBAR
    Ceremonial cloth. Warp ikat. Late 19th c. Selaru.
  • 277 TANIMBAR
    Bakan or tais (sarong). Warp ikat. First quarter 20th c. or 19th c. Unidentified.

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The links above give access to detailed descriptions of all the cloths from this island or region in the collection. The full article on the historical and cultural background of this island or region is temporarily inaccessible. As dissemination of information on Indonesian ikat is one of our primary aims, you can be assured that full public access will be restored as soon as feasible. Should you wish to access the deaccessioned information for scholarly purposes, please contact us through the contact page.



The best monograph on Tanimbarese ikat to date (and probably for a long time) is Marianne van Vuuren, Ikat From Tanimbar. Another good source of information is Flags and Half-Moons, Tanimbarese Textiles in an 'Engendered' System of Valuables, Susan McKinnon's contribution to To Speak with Cloth, edited by Mattiebelle Gittinger. Most authors are indebted to Petrus Drabbe's Het leven van den Tanémbarees, Ethnografische studie over het Tanémbareesche volk. See literature section for details.


Much gratitude is owed to Marianne van Vuuren, whose close-reading of all the Tanimbar textiles in the collection and extensive reporting enriched their documentation beyond measure; the level of detail eloquent testimony to her profound love for these textiles.

Map of Tanimbar Archipelago

Map of Tanimbar Archipelago

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