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Ikat from Tanimbar, Moluccas, Indonesia

173 Moluccas, Tanimbar

Tais (sarong)detail  magnifiermicroscope

Origin: Moluccas, Tanimbar
Locale: Yamdena, most likely.
Period: 1950 or before
Yarn: Cotton, hand-spun, coarse
Technique: Warp ikat
Panels: 2
Size: 60 x 122 cm (1' 11" x 4' 0")
Weight: 490 g (17.3 oz), 335 g/m2 (1.10 oz/ft2)
Design: Tais sikatim in (probable) local Yamdena language, bakan inelak in Fordata, tais bakan in Selaru. Entire field covered in narrow ikated bands and stripes, decorated with snake motifs executed in white on indigo, alternated with stripes in darker indigo and pinstripes in pale yellow and brown. The snake motif offers protection. The indigo has the slightly petrol tinge typical of Tanimbar.
Comment: Tais sikatim, sarong made for daily use or minor festivities. The piece has clearly been used, but is in excellent overall condition. The cloth is quite sturdy and heavy. Ikat work shows a confident hand. Marked tapering towards the middle that is more pronounced on one side than the other. Ex Lemaire, Ex Dutch missionary collection. A good example of the type. The age estimate is Van Vuuren's.
Background: Additional information in chapters on Moluccas and Tanimbar.
Compare: 080 079 165
Literature: Very similar to Tanimbar sarong from early to mid 20th C. in National Gallery of Australia, No. NGA 1991.592. See also Marianne van Vuuren, Ikat from Tanimbar. Snake motif, Page 131, Fig. 38.
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