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Ikat from East Sumba, Sumba, Indonesia


172 Sumba, East Sumba

Hinggi (men's blanket)detailmicroscope

Origin: Sumba, East Sumba
Period: 1925-1940
Yarn: Cotton, hand-spun, extremely fine, double-ply
Technique: Warp ikat
Panels: 2
Size: 145 x 236 cm (4' 9" x 7' 8")
Weight: 645 g (22.8 oz), 188 g/m2 (0.62 oz/ft2)
Design: Classic eleven band field division. The wider ikated bands closest to the extremities have been decorated with three pairs of facing horses, snakes, and either shrimp (which in this region have claw-like appendices) or lobsters, those closer to the centre have been decorated with deer, sea worms and small skull trees. The second widest bands have been decorated with three pairs of facing cockatoos, a hallmark of the court of Kenatang, and small skull trees. The midfield is decorated with patola-inspired patola ratu motif, a prerogative of the nobility. The narrower bands separating the wider show cocks, other birds, and what may represent starfish.
Comment: [PHOTOGRAPHY PROVISIONAL] Early 20th C. hinggi made for the maramba, nobility, in excellent state of conservation. Colours somewhat faded but still lively. Panels are in perfect condition, but seam has come apart over two short sections. As in sometimes done in Sumba, two different wefts were used: plain cotton for the sections with rather much indigo, and ochre weft for the sections where morinda dominates - which no doubt contributes to the warm overall tonality. From old Dutch collection.
Background: Additional information in chapters on Sumba and East Sumba.
Compare: 089
Literature: Similar to hinggi in Van Hout, Indonesian Textiles at the Tropenmuseum, Fig. 209. Although nearly all motifs are different, the overall construction (classical eleven band field division) and styling (not too formal, a little playful), correspond closely.
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