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  • 061 GUJARAT
    Patolu. Double ikat. 1725-1800. Patan region. .
  • 062 GUJARAT
    Patolu. Double ikat. 1750-1850. Patan region.
  • 063 GUJARAT
    Patolu. Double ikat. 1750-1800. Patan region.

The patola textiles in this collection constitute both an anomaly, and, arguably, the very heart of it. They are an anomaly because they come from India, not Indonesia - and they are at the heart of it because they have influenced the design of Indonesian textiles, particularly ikat cloths, to a high degree. Patola motifs are found on cloths all across the archipelago, from Sumatra in the West to the most remote islands in the Moluccas. Only a few islands show no such influence, on others the influence is so strong that one can speak of undisguised copying.

This short note is merely a stub, with the sole purpose of directing you to the full article on patola, which is found in the chapter on Gujarat.

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