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Ikat from Ndao, Roti Group, Indonesia

006 Roti Group, Ndao

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Origin: Roti Group, Ndao
Locale: Village unknown.
Period: 1920-40
Yarn: Cotton, hand spun, coarse
Technique: Warp ikat
Panels: 2
Size: 106 x 190 cm (3' 5" x 6' 2")
Design: Narrow bands in brown, faded indigo and brick red. In its asymmetry shows the Savunese, rather than Rotinese visual influence that is a Ndao characteristic. The main motif is a truncated jilamprang, prerogative of the nobility. Truncating patterns is another Ndao characteristic.
Comment: A rather early 20th c. men's cloth from Ndao. Cloth has a pleasant well worn feel.
Background: For additional information see chapter on Roti Group and/or Ndao.
Published: Peter ten Hoopen, Woven Languages, 2014.
Compare: 008 125
Literature: Cf. Buehler, Patola Influences, Plate 22. Also Gittinger, ed., Indonesian Textiles, Fig. 7. On the Savunese style field division as characteristic of Ndao versus Roti see Fox In Gittinger, Indonesian Textiles, p.48
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