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Because microscopic images of traditional textiles may not 'speak' eloquently if you do not know how else textiles may look, we have here provided a few reference images from material that is known to be made with machine made thread.

commercial thread vegetable dyes Miomafo

Timorese cloth from Miomafo, double-ply commercial thread [PC 245].

commercial thread Miomafo

Striped border of Timorese ikat from Miomafo in pre-dyed commercial thread [PC 182].

Bugis commercial silk

Pre-dyed commercial silk in mid 20th C. Bugis sarong [PC 218].

industrial ikat

Timorese industrial ikat, ikat perindustrian.

modern cotton jacket

Modern cotton jacket, plain beige.

modern cotton plaid shirt

Modern cotton plaid shirt.