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Ikat from Pantar, Solor Archipelago, Indonesia

184 Solor Archipelago, Pantar

Kewatek (sarong)detailmicroscope  magnifier

Origin: Solor Archipelago, Pantar
Locale: Village unknown. Lamaholot people
Period: 1925-1950
Yarn: Cotton, hand spun, medium
Technique: Warp ikat
Panels: 2
Size: 64 x 140.5 cm (2' 1" x 4' 7")
Weight: 775 g (27.3 oz), 431 g/m2 (1.41 oz/ft2)
Design: Bridewealth sarong, kewatek méan, with very fine patterning. Ikated bands with small motifs that show some patola inspiration: tiny tumpal, and motifs that may be intended as very small jilamprang.
Comment: Pantar bridewealth sarong of rare quality. Style clearly emulates that of Alorese adat sarongs, though the execution shows that here we are on a much smaller island where standards have always been lower. Hand spun yarn with a few narrow accent stripes in red, yellow,white and black, all only one or two threads wide - which in that period were often done in commercial yarn. These however appear to be hand spun. Ex collection August Flick.
Background: For additional information see chapter on Solor Archipelago and/or Pantar.
Literature: Sarongs with similar patterning, but with blue midfield in Khan Majlis, Woven Messages, Fig,. 202 and 203. Both are given the provenance Pantor/Alor (?). This piece is very similar to a vintage bridewealth sarong acquired on Pantar by dealer Aja Bordeville in 2013 that may well be the most reliable cognate.
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