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Ikat from Pantar, Solor Archipelago, Indonesia

184 Solor Archipelago, Pantar

Kewatek (sarong)detail  magnifiermicroscope

Origin: Solor Archipelago, Pantar
Locale: Village unknown. Lamaholot people
Period: 1925-1950
Yarn: Cotton, hand-spun, medium
Technique: Warp ikat
Panels: 2
Size: 64 x 140.5 cm (2' 1" x 4' 7")
Weight: 775 g (27.3 oz), 431 g/m2 (1.41 oz/ft2)
Design: Bridewealth sarong, kewatek méan, with very fine patterning. Ikated bands with small motifs that show some patola inspiration: tiny tumpal, and motifs that may be intended as small jilamprang.
Comment: Pantar bridewealth sarong of high quality for the standards of the island. Style clearly emulates that of Alorese adat sarongs. Hand spun yarn with narrow accent stripes in red, yellow, white and black silk, all only one or two threads wide. Ex collection August Flick.
Background: Additional information in chapters on Solor Archipelago and Pantar.
Literature: Very similar to old kewatek photographed on Pantar by Chris Buckley, 2014. Also very similar to a vintage bridewealth sarong acquired on Pantar by dealer Aja Bordeville in 2013 that has a very similar division of the field. Sarongs with similar patterning, but with blue midfield in Khan Majlis, Woven Messages, Fig,. 202 and 203. Both are given the provenance Pantor/Alor (?).
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