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Ikat from Bugis, Sulawesi, Indonesia

154 Sulawesi, Bugis


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Origin: Sulawesi, Bugis
Locale: Pagatan or Sengkang, probably.
Period: 1950-1960
Yarn: Silk, commercial, fine
Technique: Warp ikat
Panels: 2
Size: 94 x 111 cm (3' 1" x 3' 7")
Weight: 48 g (1.7 oz), 46 g/m2 (0.15 oz/ft2)
Design: Central field decorated with chevrons in bright colours. Lurex threads brighten the pink side panels. The pattern of bright zigzagging lines of magenta, orange and emerald green imitates the cresting forms of waves. Known as bombang, meaning waves, it is seen as especially auspicious.
Comment: Vintage example of Buginese silk weft ikat sarong, a type that Buginese traders brought to local markets all across the archipelago, from Sumatra to the South-easterly Islands.
Background: For additional information see chapter on Sulawesi and/or Bugis.
Literature: Similar piece from same period in Khan Majlis, Woven Messages, Fig. 378. The type is described in detail in Zerner, Silk from Sulawesi.
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