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Ikat from West Timor, Timor, Indonesia

132 Timor, West Timor

Selimut (blanket)microscope  magnifier

Origin: Timor, West Timor
Locale: Maubesi, a market village between Insana and Kefamenanu.
Period: 1925-1950
Yarn: Cotton, hand spun, coarse
Technique: Warp ikat
Panels: 2
Size: 105 x 198 cm (41.3 x 77.9)
Weight: 1080 g (38.1 oz), 519 g/m2 (1.70 oz/ft2)
Design: Narrow bands of red and indigo, the widest showing stylised buaya (salt water crocodiles).
Comment: Attractive men's blanket with strong crocodile motif, expressive of name of locale, 'besi' meaning crocodile in local Dawan language. Excellent, tight weaving. All hand spun and natural dyes. No signs of wear, perfect condition. Yet the skatol smell of decomposing indigo indicates a fairly advanced age.
Background: For additional information see chapter on Timor and/or West Timor.
Compare: 094 248
Literature: Specific provenance (based on striping pattern and crocodile/besi motif) provided by Julie Emery. Cf., Yeager and Jacobson, Textiles of Western Timor, crocodile motifs, Fig. 128n and others.
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