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Ikat from Savu, Savu Group, Indonesia

087 Savu Group, Savu

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Origin: Savu Group, Savu
Locale: Hubi Iki moiety.
Period: 1930-45
Yarn: Cotton, hand spun, fine
Technique: Warp ikat
Size: 61.5 x 153 cm (2' 0" x 5' 0")
Design: Hubi Iki shawl. Five main ikated bands with six floral medallions each in cream and morinda red on dark indigo background. The floral patterns are probabably of European inspiration. Tiny tumpal motifs serve as finials across the width of the cloth.
Comment: Unusual design, very well executed, with minute details. Overall impression similar to all Hubi Iki selimuts, but floral patterns not seen elsewhere. The excellent execution indicates mastery, the idiosyncratic patterning radiates self-confidence. The cloth has the soft feel of a well-worn textile, yet is in perfect condition.
Background: For additional information see chapter on Savu Group and/or Savu.
Exhibited: Museu do Oriente, Lisbon, 2014/15
Published: Peter ten Hoopen, Woven Languages, 2014
Compare: 030
Literature: Cf. Gittinger, Splendid Symbols, Fig. 146 / variant.
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